How To: Mix America's classic Manhattan like a pro bartender

Mix America's classic Manhattan like a pro bartender

The Manhattan is one of America's classics. It originally was based with rye but now predominately uses bourbon as the base. Rye is quite a bit more dry and there are a lot more smokey woody tones in it where as bourbon is slightly sweeter and carries vanilla tones. The vermouth used in this recipe was Ponti Rosso. It has some spicy notes that complement the sweeter flavors very well. If you want to use a really good vermouth, use Carpano Antica Formula. Any high quality bourbon such as Maker's Mark, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey or Bulleit works well in a Manhattan. This recipe uses Evan Williams, which is a fairly cheap bourbon but good for the price. This mixology recipe makes a great addition to your bartending knowledge. Mix a Manhattan like a professional.

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