How To: Make moonshine

Make moonshine

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make moonshine. To make moonshine you will need the following: A pot with a lid, beer, a big bucket, ice, a jug, and a lot of copper tubing. Put the pot on the stove and fill it with beer. Place the lid on the pot and attach the copper tubing to the lid. The tubing needs to go up about 1 foot and bend at 90 degrees. Bend some of the copper tubing into a spiral. Place it into the bucket with one end coming in, and another going through a hole at the bottom. Connect the tubing here to the tubing coming from the pot. Fill the bucket with ice. Place the jug under the bucket, to catch the moonshine coming from the pipe. turn on the stove at very low heat. Keep increasing the heat at little increments. Once you see liquid dripping into the jug, stop the process and just wait for all the liquid to drain into the jug. Enjoy your shine.

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